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Vocation Ministry

Vocation Ministry in the Catholic Church is the face of the entire vocation ministry of the Catholic Church down the history. It is a compendium of all the documents regarding vocation in Church beginning from the first century until today. This collection helps the entire Catholic Church to pray and work for the vocations. Bring first of its kind in history it is probable that some teachings be left out. While such a possibility is contemplated, every effort has been made to avoid it.

The first part of the book brings together the official teachings of the Catholic Church on the care for vocations form the Catechism of the Catholic Church, YouCat, Cannon Law and fifty one messages on Popes for world days of prayer for vocations. The book represents the mind of the Church about vocation ministry of the Church, who just follows what Her Lord asks her to. Jesus Himself asked: “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few, pray therefore to the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into the harvest.” By bringing these messages together we desire that more and more prayer and reflection be made for vocations and more people get involved in the vocation ministry of the Church.

The second part of the book put forward the vocation ministry in the History of the Catholic Church. The primitive Christian community had been one of the finest models for the pastoral care for vocations. The early fathers of the Church, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and their own lived experience drew up reflections which kept inspiring the Church for centuries to come. Though the articulation had been different and less systematic, the teachings of those fathers did evoke positive responses to God’s Call and they continue to do so even today. The Second Vatican Council recognized life as the very first vocation. The Universal Call to Holiness, stressed by Lumen Gentium, had been one of the defining teachings of the Council. Vocation to other forms of consecrated life was also given due importance only at this Council. The entire book affirms the process of vocation originates from the Holy Spirit.

This book will be an encouragement for every Catholic to know that God has a plan for them and that the Church thinks highly of the vocation that God has given them. It will give young men and women a greater understanding of the different types of vocations that are there and thus facilitate their vocation discernment.It will be very heartening for those in consecrated life to know that the Church has said so much about their vocation and holds that it “decidedly belongs to her life and mission” (LG 44). It will ignite the enthusiasm of priests by helping them to realize that the Church values their vocation as indispensable for her life and growth.

It will motivate the vocation promoters to work harder to make everyone realize that God calls each one to a specific way of life. It will provide the necessary information to anyone who wants to know the mind of the Church on vocations.

This book is a precious instrument for the vocational catechesis at the local community levels. This can be a help for further study and reflection on the theology of vocation ministry. With this book a new MUST-BE-THERE has come for the catholic libraries.