Every Call is for a purpose

There is the fundamental call God posts for everyone.. that of Life, to be lived out for Him.

It is in and for the realization of this Call that the very life is to be viewed.

God when calling man to be with Him assigns a purpose; to give a helping hand.. in recreating a more just world. This should not be considered as a sign of the incapacity of God to actualize without human beings, but rather, looking from the perspective of a father teaching his child to take responsibility, He makes man work, while He stands to train.. because it is His project, for the salvation of the world.

Someone called to follow Him in a particular path then, is obliged to re-route, if necessary, his own path so that the purpose for which He has been put in a particular time of history may be actualized. This is the self realization which man looks for, finding that life was worth living; that call was worth following; that history of salvation worth continuing.

Every vocation then is for a purpose. but our call is to pick up the receiver and shout willingly,


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