Four dimensions of Vocation Ministry (New Vocation for a New Europe, 1997)

1. The Liturgy and Prayer: Every celebration is a vocational event. It is only in prayer can we activate attitudes of trust and abandonment to God that are essential to pronounce one’s “yes” and to overcome fear and uncertainty. Every vocation is born in-vocation.

2. The Ecclessial communion: Vocation is a relationship and a dialogue. It is a connectivity at three levels: one, with oneself knowing ones own call analyzing its nuances: that is an inward journey. Two, with the community and society and thus making on outward and horizontal journey. and the third, that of a connectivity with the One calling, making thus an upward and Heaven-bound vertical journey. Every vocation is thus to be understood as a necessary center of gravity for the communion of the society and the Church.

3. The Service of Charity: The authentic servant in the Church is the one who has learned to savor as a privilege the washing of the feet of the poorest brothers and sisters; is the one who has won the freedom of losing their time to the needs of others. The experience of service is an experience of great freedom in Christ.

4. Witness-Proclamation of the Gospel: The testimony of faith involves the whole person and can be done only with the totality of existence and one’s own humanity, with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength, up to even bloody, gift of life.

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